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My wife, Kate, recommended Sarah as I have been on various antidepressants over the last 7 years. The last four on Venlafaxine. I was fed up with the thought of being on these for the longer term and also, if I missed just one dose the vivid nightmares were beginning to worry me about the damage these things are doing (note - they have helped me) 

I contacted Sarah and she immediately was tuned into what "I" wanted to do, very sympathetic and understanding but instant clarity, so the journey began to wean off of the head meds. A plan was drawn up and 2 days later a herbal medicine was delivered to my door, with clear instructions. I immediately started taking this alongside the Venlafaxine but reducing the dose of the Venlafaxine over a period of about a month. As I reduced the herbal medicine stopped any signs of nightmares. The results have been great and I am six weeks into not taking the head meds at all, whilst stll taking a small spoonful of the herbal medicine. You have no idea (well you might) how that feels to be away from the prescribed drugs, although they probably saved me at the time! Sarah is a wonderful lady who I cannot thank enough... We are now on to tackling getting a better nights sleep!!! 

At a low time in my life a friend who highly valued Sarahs skills and knowledge  recommended I attend a Medicinal Herbal walk at the Sustainability Centre near Petersfield - and so in 2016 I was first introduced to Sarah. The 2 hour session transformed my view on how to help myself, family and friends to stay healthy. Sarah is so enthusiastic and inspirational, she  imparts her vast knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses in an uncomplicated and  easy-to-take-in way.  We did not just listen & absorb but also picked a selection of herbs to make a bespoke tonic to take home and use.  Since then I have enjoyed partaking in several other of these herbal walks and on each occasion my knowledge grows. I have also joined the more in depth small group sessions at Sarah's hom, walked around her beautiful garden full of medicinal herbs , made tinctures, balms  and lotions in her workshop and, literally, absorbed inspiration and knowledge. Learning about herbal remedies is fascinating, but gaining confidence to put it into practice is another. In the practical sessions Sarah enabled us to make the transformation from information to a useable and valuable product.  My  garden and allotment have an expanding array of medicinal plants and my kitchen windowsill has a rotation of different tinctures, tonics and lotions - and I feel great. Thank you Sarah! Penny


I attended Sarah’s Herbs and Women’s Health talk at Tuppenny Barn. For the price of £10 only I learnt an enormous amount in a short space of time – and have since been inspired to make herbal teas at home. I also tried Sarah’s tinctures and learnt how specific tinctures can provide tangible benefits for specific and non-specific ailments. Sarah is brilliantly knowledgeable about her subject, as well as passionate about helping people through the use of her herbal remedies and tinctures. She is also fun and completely approachable. Wholly recommended. Emma

Spending Saturday morning with Sarah on identifying and learning about the holistic benefits of flowers and herbs was well spent. Her ability and enthusiasm to share her knowledge and teachings inspired me with confidence in identifying and using plants and herbs as an alternative source of managing my health. Sarah’s session covered a lot of information, which was delivered in an easy-to -understand concise format with hand-outs.  I also had the opportunity to make and take home my own balm. This course was both fun and enlightening and I have already booked my next one. Kathy

Sarah is an inspiration! Over a period of a few months she improved my whole digestion system enormously by giving me nutritional advise and using her ‘magic’ herbs to cure amongst other things my acid indigestion – no more tablets from the doctor masking the symptoms! My general health has improved and she has also explained to me in a way that makes complete sense, why I have suffered from arthritis since I was a teenager. An added bonus to all this is that I have lost two stone in weight – whoopee! Jane

I have been a patient of Sarah’s for a number of years with a long term health condition. Her compassion, wealth of knowledge & guidance have improved my quality of life immensely, I have so much to thank her for. Sarah has worked methodically & practically through my myriad of symptoms & the herbs she has prescribed have made noticeable improvements to the symptoms & eradicated many altogether! Thank you Sarah & herbs! ME Patient.

I first met Sarah on a herb walk in 2011. The first thing that struck me was Sarah’s passionate connection with Mother earth and all that is offered right on our doorstep!  Sarah is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, supportive and consistent. I cannot thank Sarah enough for applying these skills whilst the herbs she prescribed did their magic! Thank you Sarah. Suzanne

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