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Your initial time with me may be up to two hours as I want to find out as much as I can about your medical history, diet, lifestyle, medications and supplements and what has brought you to my door.


Each person is unique so it is important to build up a full a picture as possible. I may take your blood pressure, pulse and look at your irises as this is a helpful diagnostic tool. At each stage I ask you to fully engage in the process – you are the expert on your body after all!  You may also have questions to ask me.

I pride myself in my confidential and caring approach, which I hope enables us to develop a healing relationship. At the end of our session you will be given a medicine to take home with you. I then write to you and tell you a little about the herbs and what I am doing. This is all empowering you to start your own healing.

Follow-up consultations take about 50 minutes and are usually after the first two weeks, then monthly. I am checking your progress and looking for changes in your health. As your body responds to the herbs I will probably change a few of these. People often ask how long it will take for them to get well. That depends on many factors including how long you have been ill.

I can also offer telephone and email consultations, though it is always preferable to have the initial consultation face-to-face.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note: At  the moment this is not face-to-face but by Zoom invitation, or telephone and email. Keep an eye out for when my consultation room is completed and ready for business.



£10 for 15 minutes of £40 per hour


Tinctures - £10 per 100mls

Creams- £10 per 60grms

Teas- £10-12 depending on herbs

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