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My teaching career of 30 years was mainly in special education- teaching children with autism and physical disabilities. I finally retired when I was a head teacher of a Special school in 2001 to begin my work in herbal medicine.


I studied a four-year distance learning degree at the College of Phytotherapy in Bodle Street Green, East Sussex. This was a rigorous course that combined modern medical theory (anatomy, physiology, pathology, medicine, clinical examination) with a comprehensive study of herbs and 500 clinical hours.
My learning continued afterwards by studying Nutrition and Iridology (the study of the iris) to Diploma level.


Of course, my work is life-long learning and every patient who walks through my door teaches me something new.
Last year, regular herb walkers kept asking me when I was going to write a book.


I have now published the Herb Detective books for spring and summer to accompany my walks. They are aimed at children over the age of 8 but are great for adults too. Copies are £4. Contact me to order your copy.

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