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​Sarah Hillyer South Coast



Welcome to my new website. You will have found me through the new name- 'southcoastherbalist' or a link to my old site. 


2024 seems to have been a rocky start for many - nasty viruses taking a long time to resolve, and those with chronic conditions struggling with the ongoing wet days and now bitter cold. 

It is certainly a time to boost our immune systems. 

I intend to run more local workshops and walks in theSpring, but in the meantime, here are a few tips: 


* At the first sign of a sore throat make yourself a sage and time tea and gargle well before drinking. These herbs are two of the best antibiotic and anti -viral respiratory herbs we have. 

Chop up some garlic and put it  in ajar with a cm of honey. Again, this is a perfect sore throat remedy for the first signs of a virus. 


* Ginger as a strong tea with honey and lemon is another powerful anti viral. 


* Don’t forget essential oils. Thyme or Eucalyptus make powerful steam inhalations. 


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