​Sarah Hillyer South Downs Herbalist


The Search for the Elves’ Cure is a story of magic, adventure and young Earth Protectors written by Sarah and available now.


Written for 8 to 80-year-olds, this lovely book leads the reader into a world of nature spirits, whilst presenting a strong message about the need to protect our environment.


The book gives insight into the herbal knowledge of our ancestors as well as giving modern day uses of the herbs the two young adventurers encounter on their quest.


The book is intricately illustrated throughout and will be both a beautiful gift and treasured keepsake.


Author Sarah Hillyer

Artist Patrinia Oolana. See her website at https://nixinnature.co.uk


Price £10.00 plus postage and packaging.


Order direct from Sarah Hillyer (email: sarahtheherbalist@gmail.com )

Or through the online shop at the Sustainability Centre following its launch at the Green Fair on September 5.