​Sarah Hillyer South Downs Herbalist



The cold snap in April has certainly delayed the growth of several of my favourite herbs. It will be interesting to see when the hawthorn will blossom, but it wasn’t May Day!

The early stirrings of spring encouraged me to start harvesting and drying Cleavers and Nettles. The Ramsons are only just flowering so it’s not too late to make a Nettle and Ramson soup to re-vitalise your body.


The Ground Ivy is also flowering. Hayfever sufferers would do well to harvest some for teas and tinctures, especially if like me you suffer from the early tree pollens.

I am also encouraged that we can start holding teaching workshops again. I am working at the Sustainablity Centre on the 20th May and 30th June so please do look up the details and book early.

I am also running a workshop at Gilbert White's beautiful home on June 2nd on using kitchen garden herbs as remedies for resilience.

On Thursday 27th May I will be running the same course from my home in Clanfield for a maximum of 6 people.

See my workshops page for details and to book all courses.

Happy gathering and look forward to seeing some old and new faces on my courses.