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​Sarah Hillyer South Downs Herbalist


Summer at last! I do hope you are joining me in harvesting the abundant Hawthorn and now the fragrant Elderflower.  My new wild flower bed has even gifted me some Chamomile. I have been drying herbs and making tinctures, and making infused oils of Ribwort, Calendula and Comfrey .


At the beginning of July I will be running my last course at the Sustainability Centre.I feel sad to leave as I have had wonderful experiences running courses there and made some good friends. It is time to move on and begin my courses here at home.  

I am already running local herb walks and talks, but now my workshop/ consulting room is up and running I have no excuses!  


I am running my first half day workshop here on Saturday 22nd of July.  

It will focus on making teas and tinctures from herbs in your garden. Click here for details and to book your place


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