​Sarah Hillyer South Downs Herbalist


After a few grey weeks the sun has finally come out and I’m seeing early snowdrop and daffodil shoots. The first of February isn’t far away. This is the Celtic  festival marking the beginning of Spring and  the stirrings of new life. 

I have seen new nettles appearing and the first tiny shoots of cleavers. It will soon be time to be making my first spring tinctures. 

I have also planned some new courses: 

The Sustainability Centre is hosting two whole day courses this year. This will give people a chance to really immerse themselves in the uses of medicinal herbs. 

Gilbert Whites, Selbourne, is also hosting a new course - ‘Nature’s Pharmacy: Spring Herbs to support our health and well-being’ on April 20th. 

Keep your eyes open for an evening spring zoom session(date to be finalised) . This is an ideal way to start to explore medicinal herbs with me if you can’t get to one of my courses. 


Do look at my new BOOKS page which has details of both my children’s adventure and magic book, ‘ The Search for the Elves Cure’ as well as my newly edited Herb Detective books.